GrowOP! Festival - Denmark`s first Opera Festival for young audiences


Presented by the Danish National Opera, Figura Ensemble, Operaen i Midten and Childrens Cultural House

GrowOP! is an exciting new Opera Festival for young audiences and singers. The only opera festival in Denmark entirely dedicated to the encounter between opera, children and teenagers. GrowOP! rethinks opera as a modern and inclusive art form for children and youth, creating work in unexpected places and in new ways. The festival offers inspiring Danish and international performances that involve children and young people as participants and audiences.

GrowOP! Festivals programme include among other performances the newest edition of the award-winning series of opera performances for 0-3 year olds Musical Rumpus by Spitalfields Music, London, “Fogonogo” and Holland Opera with YAM-Award winning “Little red biting hood” from 9 years. The programme will also feature the Danish National Opera’s children’s show “ Hug en hæl og klip en tå”, and


the Opera in the Middles premiere of “Snehvide” (Snow White), a commissioned family opera performed by young people. Both are for children ages 5 years and upwards.

School children from the island of Samsø will develop skills as young composers with the Figura Ensemble in the project “ Micro Opera”. An international seminar on Arts and Infancy will be hosted in collaboration with the project ArtEqual, also a seminar on youth, talent and opera called “Let them Shine” will takes place during the festival. Opera Norths youth choir and the Danish National Opera’s TalentU will create a unique site-specific spectacle to be performed as a kick-off for the festival.

If you are interested in joining us feel free to contact the secretariat and we can assist in making a program for your trip.

Seminar: Arts and Infancy

Målgruppe: Seminar for professionals in the field of aesthetics, arts, pedagogical work for the preschool sector and children’s culture

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Seminar: Let Them Shine

Målgruppe: Miniseminar for professionals working in the field of developing young talents in opera, theatre, music or dance

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Title: Cindeoperella

Teater/land: The National Opera

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Title: Fogonogo

Teater/land: Spitalfields Music/UK

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Title: Is God At Home?

Teater/land: Operaen i Midten

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Title: Little Red Biting Hood

Teater/land: Holland Opera/NL

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Title: MikrOpera

Teater/land: Figura Ensemble

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Title: My father and Angry Man

Teater/land: ZeBU/DK - Musikteatret SAUM/DK

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Title: Snow White

Teater/land: Teatret i Midten

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Title: Tout Neuf!

Teater/land: Compagnie Minute Papillon/F

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