Title: Is God At Home?

Teater: Operaen i Midten

Om forestillingen

A new Danish opera for families in churches.
Spoken and sung in Danish. With four singers and a pianist / organist.

If the church closes, where does God go? What is it that one can find in a church, and where to find it if you can not come to church? Those are the questions that have sparked the creation of this opera.

Lucy, a fallen angel, is working as a sexton in a church. She is very eager to get wings back and finds out that a selfless act is the way.
The church she is employed by, is threatened with closure, and she sets out to rescue it.
Three men show up at the church. One is the architect Per Kash, who will make the building into a world bazaar. The other is gospel-singer Baldo Zarr, who wants to create a gospel tabernacle. The last is the sushi-chef Mel Chi Horr. His aim is to start a fine restaurant.
Lucy gets the three to realize that they can use their abilities together and go out into the world and do well. With the revelation Lucy also achieved her goal, and she gets her wings.

Age group: From 8 years
Duration: 60 min
Idea and staging: Pia Rosenbaum
Composer: Lars Fjeldmose
Libretto: Lars Oluf Larsen
Scenography: Nina Schiøttz
On stage: Sidsel Aja Eriksen, Jacob Lech, Lars Oluf Larsen og Lars Fjeldmose (pianist)

The performance is in Danish.
Tickets are required for both children and adults.