Title: Tout Neuf!

Teater: Compagnie Minute Papillon/F

Om forestillingen

Behind music, there is beat. Behind life, there is a beating heart.
Tout Neuf! is a musical poem about awakening: awakening to the world, to music, to senses, and to in utero life. An extraordinary musical egg, full of surprises, reveals three musician-singers.

We then leave for a trip wove with our first sensations and emotions. In this trip creations freely inspired of Bach, Mozart, Rossini, Schubert or Fauré emerge from sounds rythms and echoes from the world and the body.
A moment of subtle delicateness, humour and poetry to share as a family.

Age group: 2-5 years
Duration: 40 min

Director: Cyril Luge
Light Design: Angélique Bourcet
Costumes: Alice Touvet
Design of instruments: Jean Luc Priano
Composer/sound: Jean-Luc Priano
Foto: Lionel Blancafort
On stage: Guillaume Neel, Violaine Fournier og Flore Fruchart

There is no language is the performance.
Tickets are required for both children and adults.