Title: Cindeoperella

Original titel: Hug en hæl og klip en tå

Teater: The National Opera

Om forestillingen


CINDEOPERELLA is not only a comic fairy tale-opera, but also a story of true feelings and important issues in children's lives: Jealousy between siblings, parental ambitions on behalf of their children, and the feeling of inadequacy in life. The opera plays with Rossini's Cinderella, but offers its own original gallery of characters. There is no Disney-like Cinderella figure and only one little mouse in this story, where three grown up sisters live together with their overambitious mother who is for ever waiting for her great maestro to come back. One of the daughters will play the role of Cinderella, but we will not here reveal whose foot will eventually fit the shoe. In Cindeoperella children and opera meet at eye level and the performance opens the doors to the amazing world of opera for children from 5 years.

Rossini's captivating music is arranged in new and surprising ways by accordionist and composer Branko Djordjevic, who himself accompanies the performance.

Director: Birthe Bonde Niilonen
Composer/Arrangør: Branko Djordjevic
Libretto: Birgitte Holt Nielsen og Birthe Bonde Niilonen
Scenography/Costumes: Gøje Rostrup
Lightdesign: Ib Asp
Photo: Kåre Viemose
On stage: Hanne Hohwü Houmøller, Sine Algreen Møller, Eline Denice Risager,Bolette Bruno Hansen and Branko Djordjevic

The performance is in Danish.
Tickets are required for both children and adults.