Title: Little Red Biting Hood

Original titel: Roodhapje

Teater: Holland Opera/NL

Om forestillingen

The lonely wolf has found a friend in his own mirror image: the Waterwolf. He hopes the Waterwolf will go with him to the North as soon as he has enough food for the long journey ... His poetic language as well as his hunger, loneliness and longing make a strong impression on Little Red Riding Hood who has never met a wolf before. But his hunger is so strong, that a slip of his tongue makes him change her name from Red Riding Hood – to Red Biting Hood – a play on words that goes on all through the opera.
Mixed into the fairytale we are also told the story of the singers behind the characters - a story of longing to change ones role and do something new and more interesting. Both layers are performed in a very humoristic and equilibristic manner by the cast where roles are changed between musicians and singers in unexpected ways. The music is a very elegant cross-over between classical, jazzy and electronic expressions and sound creating a very special ambience and expression, well suited to the age group of the audience.

Agegroup: from 9 years
Duration: 60 min + 30 min intro
Director/Libretto: Joke Hoolboom
Composer: Steven Kamperman
Scenography: Douwe Hibma
On stage: Jolenta Zaat, Madieke Marjon, Niek Idelenburg, Christiaan Saris(percussion) og Jurgen Burdorf(guitar)
Foto: Ben van Diun

This performance is in Dutch.
Tickets are required for both children and adults.