Title: MikrOpera

Teater: Figura Ensemble

Varighed: 1 week

Om forestillingen

MikrOpera is an artist residency project taking place on Samsø during the GrowOP! Festival.

MikrOpera builds on FIGURA Ensemble’s educational platform Small Composers. Embracing elements of music drama, the children explore narratives and sound, jointly creating a complete work of music, song and movement.

MikrOpera takes the form of a 2-day in-school workshop involving two classes spanning class-levels 3 and 4. In all, three workshops are scheduled and will run from 13-17 November 2017 at Samsø Skole, Onsbjerg Lilleskole and Samsø Friskole.

Leading each workshop will be composer Peter Bruun of FIGURA Ensemble, together with opera singer Nana Bugge Rasmussen. On the fifth day of the project, FIGURA musicians Anna Klett and Frans Hansen will join the activities and try out the various pieces with the children involved. The project concludes with each micro-opera being performed for an audience comprising the rest of the school, as well as perhaps parents.

MikrOpera is a new and unique collaboration between GrowOP! and the creative forces of Samsø’s Søholm Opera. See also http://soeholmopera.com.