Title: My father and Angry Man

Original titel: Min far og Vrede Mand

Teater: ZeBU/DK - Musikteatret SAUM/DK

Om forestillingen

My father and Angry Man
My father and Angry Man (Min far og Vrede Mand) is a poetic and fantastic children’s opera with live music which addresses a difficult subject – the battered family. “Boy” tells the story. About a father who smiles like an apple on the table and a mother who laughs in the most exquisite dress, like a gift tied with a ribbon. But also about Angry Man, who lives inside father. And when Angry Man erupts, he hits, and shouts, and throws things so they break. And when he does so, the only thing to do is hide as quickly and as far away as possibIe. Which is why Boy decides to write a letter to the king. “Dear King. My father is violent. Is it my fault?”
The performance is based on the award-winning children’s book Vrede Mand (Angry Man) by Gro Dahle which describes what it is like being a child with a father who cannot control his anger.
“The first thing is his voice, and the slight change in tone.
It takes on a slight edge. The voice is constrained and tighter.
It sounds closed, and becomes sharper.
I’m not angry, says Father.
But behind father’s voice is a closed door.”

A co-production by ZeBU and Musikteatret SAUM

Composer: Steingrimur Rohloff
Libretto: Jesper B. Karlsen
Direction: Marc van der Velden
Singers: Ingeborg Fangel Mo and Tor Lind/Jens Søndergaard
Musicians: Live Johansson (cello) and David Hildebrandt (percussion)

The performance is in Danish. Tickets are required for both children and adults.